Clinics: What I Hope to Offer

Clinics offered at Rancho Indulto are cross-discipline, mostly taking from the worlds of traditional dressage, Western dressage, reining and trail obstacle riding all mixed together with what I refer to as "be nice horsemanship" (natural horsemanship). My goal is to help riders develop an independent seat, soft hands, and to understand the pyschology and biomechanics involved in developing a happy, healthy equine partner.

What you learn at Rancho Indulto will not be the end-all in your riding career. Rather, I hope to give a helping hand on your journey to understanding and enjoying horses.

Under the Clinics menu at left are various topics that contain study materials for the corresponding clinic. I am a prolific writer, and a lot of this stuff may be too long or uninteresting to wade through. That's OK. The information is here if you want it, but it certainly is not critical to enjoying the clinic.

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